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Houston Skin Care Product Photography

Houston Skin Care Photography

Photograph My Product is a commercial studio offering product photography to clients requiring a pure white background. Our portfolio ranges from table top skincare products to industrial location product photography. We understand when you have a great product, you want quality photos to enhance your online sales. That’s why we encourage clients to work with us. Whether you are in Houston or out-of-state, you can send your small to medium sized products to our studio and we will photograph your products at our Houston-based studio.

Here are a few things to consider before pursuing a product photography project:

  1. Does your product need to be photographed on a digital white background? We use a special technique and lighting that resolves the appearance of a grayish white background. This problem is often seen when products are photographed against a plain white background which transfers as gray when seen online.
  1. Do your colors on the logo need to match? Depending on the product surface, detailing of logos may require post processing enhancements.
  1. What are your file size requirements and file type? Each online sales platform and website have specific image format requirements. Make sure you know what those requirements are to ensure the best quality of visual representation of your product online.
  1. Is your product reflective or nonreflective? The attributes of your product may impact the overall outcome of your photographed product. Is your product a shiny metal, textured surface, plastic, glass or require digital enhancements? A good way to explain your product is to take a picture of your product with your smartphone and send it to us. We can evaluate what it will take to photograph your product correctly.
  1. How many angles or sides are required for your product? Does your product need to appear to float on air? Or require a shadow under your product?

To learn more about our product photography offerings and the process, visit our site at or call 713-974-3086.

Houston Manufacturing Photography

Large product photography

Houston Industrial Manufacturing Photography

Professional product photography is a key selling point when it comes to e-commerce sites, online catalogs, and print catalogs. Quality product photography can increase your sales dramatically by making your products stand out in the online marketplace.

At Photography My Product, we offer commercial and industrial product photography. We offer on location large-scale photography for the industrial and manufacturing industries. On-site projects will occur at your location with our photography staff providing service on site.

In addition to large-scale product photography, we offer small to medium product photography. This type of photography may also be referred to as tabletop photography or catalog photography. We’ve featured a few images from our recent projects.

To learn more about our product photography offerings and the process, visit our site at or call 713-974-3086.

Catalog photography in Houston

Online product photography

E-Commerce product photography

Houston photographer, Michael Carr, recently photographed a series of new power tools for an out of state internet company. The photo requirements for the job consisted of 4 to 5 views of each product, 100% white background, and final images saved in JPEG format. After the quote was approved, our studio workflow consisted of photographing the product series, uploading files to our server for the selection process and prepping final files for web usage. The production turnaround time for the job was 4 business days from the time we received the product shipment. Final print and web files were delivered to client via FTP site upon receipt of final payment. is a full service commercial studio located in Houston, TX offering product photography for e-commerce sites, web product catalogs, and product brochures. To schedule your product photography assignment, call the studio at 713. 974.3086 for an estimate and turnaround schedule.

Houston Product Photography

Houston product photographers

Tabletop product photography

Houston photographer, Michael Carr, is providing product photography for a local cosmetic salon that is in the designing phase of their e-commerce store. This client is expanding her store front business for nation wide distribution and needed product photography that represented true color accuracy and texture of her entire cosmetic line. The client’s vision is now becoming a reality as her products are being displayed with true color and how they would be organized in their custom designed compacts.

Note: The images above were photographed in studio using a 6 light setup while tethered to a 22” monitor. The job was completed under the normal time frame of 5 business days and the final files were delivered as 6×9 72 dpi web files.

Houston product photography

Houston Vintage Tool Restoration

Houston Vintage Tool Restoration

Vintage Tool Restoration

Houston Product Photographer, Michael Carr recently photographed a series of before and after restoration projects for a private collector’s website. Permission was given to showcase this vintage arbor grinder. The arbor was photographed in studio using a 6 light setup on a custom product table top. Turnaround time was 72 hours and the final files were delivered as jpg files for web usage.

If your business is need of table top product photography for purposes of web or print use, contact the studio for details at 713.461.2862 or 713.974.3086.

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