The General Process

Product Photography In Houston

Product Photography in Houston

Houston Product Photographer

The General Process

1. Call the Studio

The process is simple. Call us at 713-974-3086, so we can discuss the scope of work. Any visual aids are helpful in understanding your project’s scope of work more clearly. We recommend sending us an email with any helpful information such as a web layout, product sketch or storyboard for us to review. In addition to the email, complete the submission form under the contact tab with your specifications so we can discuss your project over the phone in detail. For a fee, we also offer site visit consultations to discuss your project in person.  After the scope of work has been defined, a detailed written quote will be provided for your written approval.

2. Our Services

Large-scale product photography is conducted at the client’s location.  We require an enclosed secure working area to set up and operate our equipment safely.  Call the studio for details.

Our basic tabletop setup is perfect for small products that will fit on a 4’x 4’ surface which also has a 40lb weight limit.  Call the studio for a quote for larger products or different backgrounds as a special set may need to be built.

Typically, final JPGS are saved in the print and web file sizes below:

  • PRINT:  4×6 @ 300dpi JPEG
  • WEB:    4×6 @ 72dpi JPEG

All images produced for your order are Royalty Free and come with unlimited usage rights for your products. Larger JPGS are available for an additional fee.

3. Quote Process for Single Product Photography on White Background

We can prepare a quote for your job depending on the scope of work. Call us at 713-974-3086, so we can discuss your custom quote.

Projects are usually completed approximately 1-2 weeks after products, signed contract and retainer have been received.

Highly reflective glass or shiny surfaces such as jars, bottles, chrome, plastic and shiny metals require more time and will be quoted separately. We do not photograph jewelry.

4. Start of the Capture Phase

We can email one or two test images labeled “proof” for your review and approval. In order to keep your job and other jobs on schedule, there is a 2-hour time period for the approval process. Once we receive your approval, we will proceed with the job. Jobs without approval will be pulled and will be put on hold. To keep active jobs on schedule, another client’s job may be placed in your slot until its completion.

It is recommended an assigned company approving agent be present during the project.

5. After Capture Phase

This is the time for editing and color adjustment.  We also do file size conversions during this time.

Digital artwork/retouching requested by client is additional and quoted separately.

6. Digital Artwork

The studio defines digital artwork as any alteration or enhancement to the original camera file to correct imperfections in the product. The quoted fee and time schedule listed above is for photography services only. If your product requires digital artwork or photo retouching, a separate quote will be provided as this is a billable service. A final written cost estimate and an updated time schedule will be provided to the client for approval prior to the acceptance of a job order.

7. Turnaround Time

Normal turnaround time for orders under 50 photos is 7 business days for Classic table top product photography on white.

Turnaround time starts from the date the job retainer and the products are received.

8. Job Completion

Final payment is required before any files are released for download. Upon completion of your order, your images will be uploaded to our FTP site for you to download. It is the client’s responsibility to “Save” and make backup copies of their final files. The studio only retains digital copies for 2 weeks after the job is completed.

9. Other Services

Product assembly is available and billed at $100/hr.

Cleaning or polishing your product is billed at $100/hr.

Product styling or arranging is billed at $100/hr.

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Product Photography in Houston